Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Kannada film industry

50/50 ( a film review)

The kannada film industry is in bad shape. With movies like this 50/50 being made it is not difficult to see why. The movie stars Dwarakesh a fine and very talented actor/ film maker who has made some good and original movies in the past. The plot revolves around a winning lottery ticket worth 8 crores and a whole cast of charectars after the lottery ticket. Dwarakesh is the cop in a small resort town where the action takes place and he too is after the money.

Unfortunately, bad acting, terrible songs and some unbelievably shoddy editing takes a plot that could have been fun and churns out a movie that is just incredibly bad. Dwarekesh hams it up like nobody's business and Srinath, another talented senior actor is wasted.

The state of the kannada film industry can be easily explained looking at the quality of the films being released. The Kannada film makers have called for a delay of 7 weeks in screening all other language movies in Karnataka. They hope that this will lead more people into watching Kannada films. Sadly, they seem to have forgotten that language has nothing to do with it. If you make a good film people will watch it.

The biggest recent release was Upendra's ultra violent "Omkara." It is Uppi doing what he does best. Ranting at the injustices of the world, killing a whole bunch of people and slapping a few women around and calling a few other women, whores.

I'm off to see it now. Wish me luck.