Thursday, April 28, 2011

this transcends belief

Sitting in airlines again. No mood for anything resembling work. Want to crawl into bed and sleep some more. Its strange how so many blog posts start in airlines now. Blackberry ki jai I guess. Akki rotti happened after a long while. Way too much butter and slightly too thick for my liking but not bad at all. I think I need a change of environment and scenery. Bangalore's dulling my senses and life's getting to me.

In other news, there's a band called Saturnalia Temple that's got me quite excited. Their demo from a few years ago was mostly electric wizard worship but a song on a newish 4-way split is sludgy space rock and very cool. Watch this space for more. Debut full length coming soon.

New season of Dr. Who started. It feels edgier and darker than before and its off to a great start. Emily Pond is the prettiest sidekick this series has ever had I think.

Sometimes I think I'm better off keeping things to myself. The initial relief of getting things off my chest is short lived and not really worth it compared to the consequences.

I think therefore I rot.

There's too much new music happening. For all the people who say there's no new music anymore, you should open your ears. Listening to Repuked's debut and its quite literally a blend of Autopsy and Abscess with some of Sweden's own d-beat thrown in. There are a whole bunch of these new old school bands that are putting out killer debuts. I find it quite strange in a way.
What happened to bands taking time to grow and mature and getting round to releasing kiler albums on the second and third tries?

Metallica's playing in India finally. But they're playing in delhi and opening the F1 racing thing there. I found that really lame. Like really lame. Fucking hell, its Metallica. Give the fans a proper show.

The peaceville 3 might be playing bangalore in december. How about that? After years of dreaming about it, I might finally get to see them. So what if all three are dead on stage these days and their best days are behind them. I'm already dreaming of getting my Icon sleeve signed.

In other news, you're just another chunk of meat.

The new Septic Flesh and the new Primordial are blowing my mind. I seem to have lost interest in stoner rock and if I see one more band claiming to sound like Down I might puke.

Also, Blasphemy. What the fuck is up with so many bands claiming Blasphemy as an influence? I think metal now attracts more hipsters than any other genre.

New season of Treme started too. Its the music in this show that's awesome and makes it worth watching. The New Orleans jazz and folk. And Steve Zahn who's just very likable and the mother from The Fighter who's just a terrific actor along with the 2 black detectives from The Wire. Season 1 started great and then tapered down to a downer season ending and season 2 has again started off great and upbeat. Hopefully it won't be as much of a downer this time but I don't think David Simon is interested in happy stories of happy people.

I'm singing in a band now. Djinn and Miskatonic. Stirred with a wooden stake. Some lyrics for a song called Flight of Sand which is still a work in progress.

Sun sand and heat conspire as one

I melt in the gaze of the three
Desert sand lies devoid of life

I pray for my own bitter hell

What I see

Is it real
Can you see
The things I did

Coward to all as my brothers stood tall
Fought to the last while I froze
My soldiers betrayed by my hand
Sword cut through flesh as I ran

I saw them kneel
I heard them cry
I heard them beg
I hid. they died

I thought I would pick my battles to win
Now I try to outrun the sun
The screams of my brothers echo within
As a buzzard announces a feast

Hope for me seems long since dead
The wind she swirls around me

Its true that sand gets everywhere

I'm blind, sandblind, I can't see

Walking now

And forever
Paying the price

Give me one word for walking dead

As the sand builds to kill

Unseen, unknown
Unwitnessed I crumble

Saturday, April 23, 2011

no grave deep enough

The new Septic Flesh finally leaked and I've been listening to it non stop since yesterday. Its pretty great but not as ferocious as Communion. The album's a little more melodic and at times sounds more like the last Hollenthon than Communion. Imagine Communion crossed with Revolution DNA with a production that makes everything sound utterly massive. The song writing is a bit more complex as well but like with most of their albums will take a few listens to fully grasp.

In other news, the weekend was pretty good. Met a couple of old friends, did some afternoon drinking and overall had quite an active weekend.

I've been watching this brit series called Midsomer Murders for a while now. It's set in idyll British village life in a district called Midsomer where murders occur with alarming regularity. It almost feels like there's very little difference between village life in England and right here in India. The crimes are brutal and the villages full of secrets. The plotting's great so far and I'm on season 6 and around 25 100 minute stand alone episodes. Impressed.

Sitting in airlines and a new pizza place has opened inside the compound. Some dude's ordered spaghetti and it smells a bit like Maggi's masala. There's a woman sitting here who looks like Farah Khan.

Back. Again. What's happening? I started this last friday when I got the septicflesh and now restarting on friday with primordial. How about that? Yes, finally. Redemption at the Puritans Hand. Its epic and heavy and
Nemtheanga delivers another fearless performance. Just about done with first listen and its very good. As is the Blut Aus Nord and I'm expecting good things from the Miasmal debut. Too much kickass music happening. I'm also really liking The Great Mass. Reminds me more and more of Revolution DNA.

In other news, I might pass out. Ate too much. I might be playing blackjack tomorrow. 21.

I have something that needs finishing. Luckily I'm very good at multitasking. So I can finish and type.

Oh I saw Rango. Rattlesnake Jake was great. The movie was good but left me unsatisfied. Also this insane movie called Rubber. Its very difficult to describe so I won't bother but everyone should see it. Now I plan to actually get off my ass and finish what I need to and type some more.

This Primordial album is great.

I'm listening to the new Pentagram and man they're ripping it. Its been a bit of a slow grower but I suddenly know the words here and there. Always a good sign.

Unable to finish or move.

Bobby Leibling's telling me to call the man. "when you've done everything you can... I know you better run for the man." Who is the man? I don't know but could be useful. A handyman. Give me a hand out of this tub my good man. What a cheesy song. Seriously. I need to make a copy of this for the car.

I had a terrific drive yesterday and then again today with green carnation playing and the weather being perfect doom metal cloudy, dull grey and wet. That album reminds me of simpler times. Just a total perfect one hour trip. A total classic.

I'm planning to watch visions of suffering on mute with the new blut aus nord as soundtrack. Let's see. Oh I also have police story 2 written, directed and starring Sai Kumar. Suddenly everything changes and I'm faced with choices. Hard fucking choices all the fucking time. Ridiculous kannada action film or dark disturbing russian? Or just passing out to light of day, day of darkness. Choices I tell you.

So none of the above happened. Saw the first 30 minutes of Anguish again and then passed out. Good morning world.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This cemetary opens at sundown

So here I am again. Trying literally. Why bother? I'm not sure. Feels important.

Something that's been on my mind for a while now. Where did all these shiva and kali worshiping bands come from? Weapon and Orator have Hindu roots but Necros Christos? They're all blond, possibly blue eyed Germans singing about Hindu gods. Is Jon Nodveidt to blame? Is Temple of The Black Light to blame? Actually, if these bands keep putting out killer albums and there aren't any suicides then its all good and blame will simply be cause. Or something like that.

I went to my first expat party, lodged my first police complaint and went to a local show and had fun for the first time in years. Not all on the same day but close enough. The show was a definite highlight. I've also started a blog to review stuff Let's see if I can sustain this.

And I've totally lost my train of thought. Sack. Later.

I'm listening to a band called Quest for Fire. The vocalist thinks he's in Pink Floyd but the band are doing an awesome chilled out stoner rock that's somewhere between Giant Squid and Across Tundras. Very nice.

I would really like a tall glass of sugarcane juice right about now. It's fucking hot here and april and may are going to be hell on earth. Hopefully it'll start raining in June.

India won the cricket world cup. It was an unbelievably tense game and by the time Lanka finished batting it looked like they'd done enough to win their second cup. Then Sehwag got out for a duck and Sachin followed soon after and it looked like curtains for us. But this is a new team with actual depth in batting and more importantly, some iron in their spines. Kohli and Gambhir managed to stay with the asking rate and then Dhoni promoted himself ahead of Yuvraj and played the most important innings of his life. It really was stunning cricket from the indian captain. Also, his captaincy in the knock out stage has been spot on after a couple of mis steps early on in the tournament. There's a management book waiting to be written on Dhoni's captaincy skills. Anyway, the world cup win made me happy.

And it rained today only. For 5 minutes after which it became insanely humid and I sweated right through my shirt. Disgusting.

Also, finally, a torrent for Hobo with A Shotgun is out and its downloaded and waiting. I've also got a packet of the finest that Mysore has to offer. Providence I tell you but couldn't this have happened over the weekend?

What a ridiculously tiring day. Ridiculous and tiring. My eyes are burning and my body aches. Later dear diary. I'm done now.