Thursday, December 20, 2012

2 in 2

What a dull fucking day. Tired and sleepy and on the last ride home. Want to light up a fattie and fall on the bed. Probably settle for falling into bed and going to sleep.

Had a surprisingly decent masala pav today for lunch. Spicy and hot and fresh pav. Not bad at all.

The new Ancestors is really good. I have no idea why I didn't listen to more of this. There's no sign at all of the Sleep sounds of the debut and instead it feels like the perfect mix of the 70s worshiping doom sounds of the second album and the ambient prettiness of the Invisible White EP. Damn good stuff.

Sleep? Sleep! Sleep. Who has my Dopesmoker CD?

In other news, I need a break. Preferably an arm.

An ode to tomorrow
Her name is unspoken
Her face unknown
She is who we call on
The one we kneel before

Her acolytes are legion
This much is known
Suicide as sacrifice
Power flows from blood

Her name is unspoken
Her face unknown
She will defeat this hell
We call our world

The land will bleed
Brown earth turn crimson
A flood will take us all
Drowned in the power of sacrifice

The world will end tomorrow or so it's said. 

Another doomsday prophecy comes and goes. 
Like the boy who cried wolf, like a million bad movies; 
Armageddon will announce itself. 
Our greatest sin, our infinite hubris.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3 weeks and counting

Sitting in the park with my sandwich. Beautiful Bangalore weather. I watched some birds for a while. A pair of pigeons, a quail and a pair of mynahs. A few squirrels. A couple of dogs. Healthy and happy looking. Now their space has been taken over by a bunch of screaming idiots. Needless to say, the animals have all disappeared. I'm hungry again.

So Isaac received the lamest death possible and with that any interest I had in this season of Dexter comes to an end. It seems Stevenson had to report early for the shooting of the Thor sequel but regardless, I wanted more of Isaac. Now it seems the noose is tightening around Dexter. La Guerta's after him, his girlfriend is pissed with him and maybe Doakes is coming back from the dead in the season finale. Feels like the writers are dealing with an empty closet but hopefully it'll end well. So Debra kills La Guerta. Hannah escapes from the police and Dexter is still free. Fucking crappy ending. By the end of it, my sympathies were entirely with La Guerta.

Boardwalk Empire though, did end with a bang. Nucky Thompson is back to being the undisputed king of Atlantic City and there was some virtuoso television in the finale. Richard's shootout at Gillian's club, Gillian's attempt to seduce Gyp, the montage of killings at the start, and AR and Masseria screwing over Luciano and Meyer were all pretty great but Nucky turning the tables on his enemies and his ruthlessness was fucking awesome. Solid finish to an otherwise inconsistent season.

Homeland is still kicking ass on Monday nights. I think Brody might eventually run for VP and probably win. Probably not. One more episode to go and Abu Nazeer is dead, Saul has been sidelined and Quinn is stalking Brody so he can kill him. Claire Danes does a damn good job of acting crazy though. And the finale was tense and ended pretty great. Estes is dead along with a 100 CIA agents and  Brody is busted and on the run. Saul is in charge of things and Quinn gives Brody a free pass. Season 3 should be interesting.

The entry of Huntress into Arrow was also pretty good. The initial promo pic was a bit lame but the actress is hot enough and shows some decent fighting skills. The episode was pretty good too. The plot is thickening nicely.

Now just waiting for Ian McShane to turn up as a psycho Santa in American Horror Story 2. This season started off pretty lame but its turned into a very entertaining exploitation fest where the goal is pure shock. Looks like Santa's going to lay the beat down on sister Jude. Should be fun. Ian McShane was awesome. Just totally awesome as psycho Santa. Some absolutely horrific dialogue told in his inimitable style and things were great for the first 38 minutes. Then Sister Jude stuck a paper knife in his neck and the show closed with him bleeding out on the floor. Was that it? He's only there for one episode? I'll be really annoyed if he's done with the show. Oh McShane, you evil bastard. Its all good and Sister Jude is now an inmate.

Oh also, the new Antimatter. "Fear of a unique identity" is some fine music. It took a few listens to sink in but there are songs here that can stand up to anything Patterson has done. A bit more layered and a bit more rock but that whole Antimatter atmosphere is present and the lyrics are still damn good.

Rajnikant's Sivaji has gotten a re-release with 3D treatment. Must watch but preferably somewhere in Gandhinagar. Audiences in multiplexes are way too restrained. I want to see coins being thrown on the screen and people shouting out the dialogues and clapping and cheering. Saw it in PVR. The 3D conversion is pretty decent but the audience was pretty mellow apart from the mandatory whistles.

I hope there's something good to watch when I get home. One more night of Arnab Goswami confusing the BJP for the Congress and Mohinder Amarnath wanting to be on the news will piss me off. If he really wanted to show off his integrity he should have spoken about the selection when it happened and he got sacked. Not 3 months later, in the middle of a tough series against England. And his choice for captain was Sehwag. Thank god that didn't happen. A tough home series against England. Who would have thought. So, England series lost. Damn. And the news has been fucking depressing all week. Modi on his way to another win in Gujurat and unspeakable atrocities in the capital city. Fucking savages.

The title song from Drama has been stuck in my head for days now and on the way back, my taxi driver had 3 songs on his flash drive and all from Drama. Heard them on repeat through 3 cycles by the time I got home. Oh well.

Another day done with a fine layer of dust on my shoes. I hope there's something good to eat when I get home.