Monday, February 18, 2013

Malazans, arrows and jubilees

An unexpected holiday. Chilled out evening. The same old faces led me to abandon ship and skip across the water. To dry land and safety.

Malazan black metal is now a thing. Caladan Brood. Pretty good Summoning worship. Is there an Anomander Rake yet?

I don't care about the CDs you've bought and don't care about your work. I'm hoping you'll shut up and in the meantime, I'm simply practicing what I preach. Reassure,  empathize, summarize and say goodbye. With a smile.

Yeah, this malazan black metal is pretty good.

In TV news, Arrow is kicking ass. The show scored a big win with its casting of Slade Wilson. The fights have gotten better and last week the whole "Moira Queen. You have failed this city" ending was badass. Community restarted. First episode was a bit lazy but I'm hoping it'll pick up.

One of the better blogs on the internet might have breathed its last. If you have any interest at all in movies of the forgotten, kvlt, B to Z type, then go pay a visit. You might get lost but it'll be a trip worth taking.

The new Nick Cave is terrific. After the angular noise rock of Grinderman, Cave returns with the Bad Seeds to carve out a beautiful set of songs.