Sunday, February 08, 2015

handle with care or i'll break your head

So then. A long post I had ready is consigned to electronic flame. My phone died.

Another quiet Sunday evening. After the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, this feels pretty perfect.

The earphones I bought
are annoyingly short.

The world cup starts in a few days. India's going to be humiliated. The batsmen are tired, the bowlers are clueless and the captain's got other things on his mind. Losing the opening game to Pakistan will pretty much seal our fate. Still, a small part of me indulges in wishful thinking. India will win the cup again and Dhoni will retire in a blaze of glory. Yes. That's what will happen.

I saw this film called Baby recently. Akshay Kumar is part of a black ops unit headed by Danny Denzogpa. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Silly fun with some nice set pieces. Could have done with a better name but it's easily Kumar's most entertaining film since Special 26.

In other news, Arrow and The Flash continue to have strong seasons. Brandon Routh's The Atom spinoff looks more and more likely to happen and there's a Daredevil mini series coming that I'm quite excited about. The only disappointment is Agent Carter. It lacks soul.

Season 4 of Episodes is turning out pretty great in spite of the premise. It also feels like they may be getting the hang of Hollywood finally. Justified's final season is promising with the 2 episodes I saw and has some more weird and colourful villains and some more of that dialogue. I'd like a point break style ending. Raylan reluctantly let's Ava and Boyd ride off into happiness. I know that'll probably not happen but what the hell, I'd like a happy ending.

I finally got some old storage space. A closet made me happy.