Friday, November 26, 2004

Look At Yourself

I’ve talked about this before and probably will talk about this again. The state of the Kannada film industry.

The 7 week moratorium on non-kannada films was initially reduced to 3 weeks after a compromise between the theater owners and the kannada film people. A few of the theaters refused to co-operate and the recent screening of Veer Zara has again brought this issue to the forefront. A movement that now has the public support of Dr. Rajkumar. The first son of Kannada cinema. Along with his support comes the muscle power of the Rajkumar fan club, politicians who want to capitalize on the vote bank that is the fan club, Sa Ra Govindu his brother in law and also chief instigator of this whole moratorium business and a bevy of kannada film stars who now have the balls to display a more concrete stand on the issue.

Initially, the reasoning behind this was that since nobody was actually watching Kannada films, if the people were simply given fewer choices, then they would rush to the theaters to watch Kannada films. Simply because they have no other choice. Somebody must have pointed out the sheer ludicrousness of this point of view. In recent times, the association of film stars, producers and a few general no goods like the above mentioned Sa Ra Govindu have changed their strategy. The association is now bemoaning the imminent demise of the Kannada language and fighting to preserve the same. How do they do this ? By imposing the 7 week moratorium on all non-kannada films. Look at the state of our own films first you fucking idiots! The abysmal standard of kannada used in the films, the themes of these films, the English-hindi-kannada-tamil-telugu cocktail of the lyrics, the complete lack of any coherent story telling, is what is killing off the Kannada language and the Kannada film industry. Fools! Look at yourself.

Ravichandran one of the Kannada filmmakers/superstars to throw his hat into the fray in support of the moratorium has not had a single original thought since his magnum opus Shaanthi Kraanthi bombed at the box office a good 15 years ago. Upendra, one of the younger stars, managed to instill some life in the industry with Om, A, Shhhh…. and Upendra and then promptly acted in a bunch of Kannada films that were copies of blockbuster Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. Shivraj Kumar, son of Dr. Rajkumar and another Kannada superstar can barely string together 3 sentences in Kannada.

Imposing a moratorium on non-Kannada films will achieve 2 things: an increase in movie piracy and the possible shutting down of more than half the theaters in Bangalore.

The state government for its part is dilly dallying on the issue and with the good doctor’s official entry into the fray, the government is batting on a very sticky wicket. How powerful is Dr. Rajkumar ? In Karnataka, he’s almost God. The state government also stands to loose about 15 Lakh rupees in entertainment tax for every deferred release. 1200 theaters in the state of which 400 screen kannada films. Can the industry supply prints to the other theaters ? No. What are these theaters supposed to do then ? Sell the land and make way for complexes, malls and multi-level car parks in Bangalore at least. The theater owners in the interior can fuck off and die I guess.

Most Kannada films suck ass. The last Kannada film I saw in the theater paying a ticket was Dr. Rajkumar’s comeback vehicle “Shabdawedi.” That was a good 2 years ago if not more. Unless the Kannada film makers do something about their product, people will continue to flock the theaters to watch Veer Zara or the latest Kamal Hassan or Chiranjeevi movie.

The Kannada film industry is dying of a cancerous tumor. The self appointed doctors are way to busy trying to eliminate the effects of the tumor rather than excising the tumor itself.

Look at yourself. Hopefully before its too late.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Frogs, Buckets, Crowbars and Oblivion

Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade - Purple Onion


Wow. Wow. Wow.

This album made me feel incredibly happy. It made me smile. Made my jaw hit the floor a number of times too. Les Claypool. Wow. The album is incredibly good fun.

Cosmic Highway. What a song.

A rich haul of music from the trollkien and it’s getting richer. I’ve been listening to more music in the last 3 days than I have in the last month. Thank you Ravi.

After listening to Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade I just had to check out the live album.
It seemed like they covered a whole bunch of songs by Pink Floyd and then jammed for a long time. Les Claypool is talking to the audience. It was probably a great show to be at but it’s boring me. They covered Shine On You Crazy Diamond. A song I like. How is it ? Starts well. Except for the idiots in the crowds shouting. This is building up nicely but I loose interest and turn it off. So much for that.

Viggo Mortenson and Buckethead – Pandemonium In America

I’m not sure who is doing what here. Mortenson narrates, moans, sings and Buckethead does the music. I guess. There’s also a weird baby voice on Half Fling. This is very trippy in a dark disconnected sort of way. Mortenson’s narrative style is cold. Deadpan. Buckethead is building soundscapes in the background and occasionally coming to the fore. Generally an understated performance from him. Weird music. Weird art I guess. Also strangely appealing. I like this.

Crowbar – Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form

Crowbar is an ugly band. They make ugly music that captivates me. Harsh, disturbing and difficult to listen to and yet I can’t bring myself to change it. I sit and listen to Crowbar and usually by the time the album is over I don’t know if I’m coming or going. This one doesn’t seem to be any different. Better than Equilibrium. The middle of the album is where all the best songs are with Repulsive In It’s Splendid Beauty standing miles ahead. Awesome song. In Times Of Sorrow is a soft mournful instrumental that might owe something to Planet Caravan. It Pours From Me is another kickass song. Bloody great album.

Agents Of Oblivion - Agents Of Oblivion

A spin off from Acid Bath with the vocalist and guitarist. This is melancholy hard rock and Dax Riggs sounds great. Very nice album.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Headache. Its been with me all day. Insane sending session last night. Tired. Bored. Beg for sleep. Is this to be another lament on lack of sleep, lon

Headache. Its been with me all day. Insane sending session last night. Tired. Bored. Beg for sleep. Is this to be another lament on lack of sleep, loneliness and other angsty

matters ? No. NLS weekend just got over. This is about that.

NLS this year was as boring as watching milk curdle. Nothing really happened and it may have stunk a bit. The 2 best bands on view were both from Bombay. A sad state of affairs. Bhayanak Mauth kicked immense ass and Demonic Resurrection just sounded huge. Fucking hell, they were good. A whole bunch of other bands played too. I’m sure some of them were technically competent and everything but they were boring as hell. When they finished playing not a single song stayed with me.

Reached the venue late on Sunday after seeing off the trollkien. Watched a couple of boring bands, missed Bhayanak Mauth and through some gap in the space time continuum Demonic didn’t make it to the final. A little bit of a tipper and we came back in to watch Kryptos. Very cool band. When I was driving back home I was humming Twilight’s Grace to myself. \m/

NP: The Gathering – Amity

<>One of my favourite songs by the band. This is off the Sleepy Buildings live album. Quite beautiful. Anneke is as orgasmic as ever.

Mera naam Sam hein ?

I Am Sam is being remade in Hindi. With Ajay Devgan and Sushmita Sen. I’m looking forward to this. Devgan's going to have a tough time standing up to Sean Penn and there’s no contest between Michelle Pfeiffer and Sushmita Sen but I think it’ll be a decent movie all the same.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Pretty Hate Machine

I finally dumped Pretty Hate Machine onto my computer. No more do I need to look at my horribly raped CD and feel sorry for both the CD and I.

Released a good 15 years ago, Pretty Hate Machine still sounds pretty damn fresh. The reliance on dance floor electronics is heavier than on any of Reznor’s other albums but damn these are good songs. He’s also a lot more accessible on Pretty Hate Machine than he was on any of his other recordings. Brooding, introspective and very fucking groovy, the album opens with Head Like A Hole “I’d rather die than give you control.” A song that MTV made famous for a while. After this is Terrible Lie that was a huge favourite when I first heard this album in high school. A rant against God struck all the right chords with me then. “I’m all alone in a world you must despise.” Down In It “and what I used to think was me is now just a fading memory.” and Sanctified both have driving bass lines that propel the song forward. Sanctified is another favourite on this album. A slightly Arabic sounding synth effect and bass line. “Heaven’s just a rumour she’ll dispel as she walks me through the nicest parts of hell.”

Bang in the middle of this album lies the completely magnificent Something I Can Never Have. Sparse, haunting and very dark, Reznor is in top form though out this album and never more so than on this song. “Grey would be the colour if I had a heart.” Its that strange old nostalgia and damn its good to listen to Pretty Hate Machine again.

Reznor experimented with dissonance and noise as music but only slightly on this album. Ideas he would further explore on the Broken ep and further on. The music on Pretty Hate Machine is still very dancefloor, night club oriented with rare bursts of electric guitar. Sin has a driving beat that makes you just want to floor the gas pedal and hit the road, “and if I can’t have everything well then just give me a taste.” Reznor let me have a taste of something quite special with Pretty Hate Machine. The taste hasn’t gone out of my mouth yet. “Lay my hands on Heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars while the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car.” Ringfinger closes the album out at just a little under 50 minutes and is another catchy as hell song. The groove is so infectious that you can’t help but nod your head or tap your feet or do whatever it is that music makes you do. “I’m so tired I can’t get to sleep and the squeaking of the bed is right in time with the song in my head.’

Pretty Hate Machine was an essential part of my growing up. Going back to it today was like going back to an old girlfriend who is still willing to put out for you. It is that damn good.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Self Indulgence

My playlist from a couple of nights ago...

The Dust Brothers – Finding The Bomb

Quite a brilliant song. Long brooding and atmospheric but with some completely awesome grooves. Lots of studio trickery, sampling, whatever, the Dust Brothers rock.

Perfect Circle – Rose

Wow. This band just rocks. I’m going to be saying that a lot. The song is heavy and lurching and delicate at the same time thanks to the vocalist ( i forget his name) and a brilliant solo though too short..

Opeth – 2nd song on Deliverance

I like Opeth a lot when I only have to listen to one or two songs. More than that becomes boring. This song is long has a cheesy soft section with Akerfeldt’s whiny singing voice but the last 3 minutes of the song just OWN!

Prodigy – Baby’s Got A Temper

This song is easily their best pop song yet. Way catchier than firestarter and breathe. Very cool.

Cathedral – Captain Clegg

Off Caravan Beyond Redemption, Captain Clegg is a bloody catchy song. Not the best on the album but Cathedral just rocked on that album. Rock n roll baby !!

Nevermore – Enemies Of Reality

Over this weekend, this album’s really grown on me. The title song was the first song I heard off this album and always liked it but the rest of the album didn’t do too much for me till now. This is good. Dane is singing, Loomis, Williams and Sheppard are playing, how can it not be good ?

The Chemical Brothers – It Began In Afrika

This was really good fun. Lots of percussion or programmed beats or whatever and very catchy.

Morbid Angel – Maze Of Torment

The best song on Altars. Morbid Angel just have this complete uniqueness to them. No other death metal sounds like they do. That was the brilliance with the big 4 from Florida. Corpse, Deicide, Obituary, and Morbid Angel. All death metal, all hugely influential and all of them sounding completely unique. Sandoval is such an awesome drummer and Azagthoth is bloody brilliant.

Soilwork – Departure Plan

Death metal gone pop. Too much dik chak music. This song is just a completely brilliant pop song. I like Figure Number Five.

Sepultura – Troops Of Doom


Audioslave – Like A Stone

Another great pop song. It makes me smile and nod my head. Morello plays a great lead although I believe he stole it from Mad Season and man, can Cornell sing.

Sepultura – Slave New World

Fucking kickass. If Chaos AD was Kannte then Slave New World would be Sunjay Dutt. Figure that out or leave now.

Paradise Lost – Symbol Of Life

I think PL took a huge risk with One Second and then took bigger risks on every album after that completely alienating their original fanbase. I think Symbol Of Life is a great sing and a great album.

Fantomas – The Godfather

Fantomas owns you, your dad, your mom and your whole damn family.

Dark Tranquility – Final Resistance

DT completely rule on Damage Done. Heavy and kicking ass but being pretty and melodic at the same time.

Dark Tranquility – Indifferent Suns

Haven was DT at their most accessible. They were still growling but the music was just way too happy. Even when the lyrics were anything but cheerful. For all the cribbing, its still Dark Tranquility and they don’t write bad songs. Indifferent Suns is bloody good.

Spiritual Beggars – Street Fighting Savior

A bit of Thin Lizzy, a bit of Blue Oyster Cult, maybe some Heep, loads of Sabbath and Michael Ammot’s completely beautiful lead guitar. This is retro like nobody’s business. Quite brilliant.

Cathedral – Freedom

Man, this song is awesome. Caravan Beyond Redemption is awesome. Cathedral is awesome.

Children Of Bodom – Triple Corpse Hammerblow

Hate Crew Deathroll is easily the best CoB album yet which is still not saying much. Enjoyable as long as its only a song or two at a time and as long as its not Everytime I Die.

Mr. Bungle – Pink Cigarette

A slightly gentle Bungle song. There’s nobody quite like Patton. Mr. Bungle would be unlistenable without him.

Suidakra – One Piece Puzzle

Suidakra are a completely unremarkable band but they covered Skyclad. That shows good taste at least in what they listen to. One of my favorite Skyclad songs and Suidakra do a pretty good job with it.

Insult – Insanity Reigns Supreme

Woah! First time listen. This is good. A death thrash feel with a nice melodic lead section. Short song.

Nevermore – Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday

Enemies is fast becoming a favorite. Nice ballad type song and Dane sounds a lot like Geoff Tate.

Mr. Bungle – None Of Them Knew They Were Robots

Bizarre. Brilliant. Mr. Bungle.

Massive Attack – Angel

Laid back, beautiful and quite a trip.

Voivod – Astronomy Divine

Voivod do a Floyd and they do it pretty well.

System Of A Down – Highway Song

Another band that I like listening to as long as its not more than a song or two at a time. Whiny ass opening but then the groove that kicks in is quite cool. Unfortunately, the vocalist thinks he’s a lot better than he actually is.

Lux Occulta – Architecture

Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Fantomas – Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me

Patton just owns this song. How he can sing in the way he does is beyond me. Helps to have a backing band, that can do just about anything they want, too

Dark Tranquility – Monochromatic Stains

Another kick ass song off Damage Done.

A Perfect Circle – Sleeping Beauty

Bloody great band.

Dust Brothers – Medulla Oblongata

The Dust Brothers should make for great background music but you can’t help getting sucked in to their world. My favorite song on the Fight Club OST.

Paradise Lost – Mystify

Another great song off Symbol Of Life. Nick Holmes has become a very cool singer and Gregor Mackintosh a rather good songwriter. They’re not doom metal anymore, they’re not even metal anymore but they’re still a great band.

Nevermore – I, Voyager


Dark Tranquility – The Wonders At your Feet

Another great song from Haven. This song has a fair amount of dik chak to it but it rocks just the same.

ten lines or more bitch

I have no idea what to write anymore. I sit in front of the blank computer screen and I wonder. What will I write about today ? I usually have no idea. Unless I’ve had a dream I can remember or read something I can steal. Aaah well, such is life. I know this though, I must have a blog. Maybe one day all the bloggers in my town will get together for a meet. I’d like to meet the other bloggers in my town. A worthy ambition I think.

Lux Occulta. What a band.

6 lines so far. Not bad for somebody who has nothing to say. Think I can go for 10 ? Should I go for ten ? Or maybe a thousand ? Ten at least and thanks to this I’m that much closer. I wonder if a blogger club will have a minimum lines per entry rule for eligibility.

When I paste this onto blogspot will the line count remain the same ? I wonder. I actually did. Scary shit.

“We deal in lead, my friend.” What a killer line. I wish I could use that sometime. I wonder if Charles Bronson was ever young. Even James Coburn managed to look kind of young in Magnificent Seven but Bronson was just still Bronson with the same damn lines on his face but no moustache. Bronson’s cool. I should get hold of Death Wish from somewhere. And that Christmas movie he acted in.

I’m way past ten lines.

The colours on my monitor seem to change in the dark. What’s that about then ?

Monday, November 15, 2004

A feline update

I walk the Diwali streets. The stench of cordite, dogs howling, the purple sky is lit up and there’s noise everywhere. Candles lit. Candles melting. My cat’s run off. I walk these streets in search of Lizzy. The wind is strong, Lizzy must be terrified. I must find her. She’s spoilt. 2 fish in the morning, plates of milk with cream and puppy food whenever she wants it which is quite often.

Kill every motherfucker that’s in my way.

Find Lizzy.

A boy with a pet rat on a string. A girl with red ribbons and yellow bangles. I ask them. They look at me with fear. Why ? The picture yields no sign of recognition.

I walk the streets again. I stick photos of the little one in every department store. I’m quickly loosing hope but not giving up. The black cat looks down on me. Lizzy liked him a great deal. She liked Nikki a great deal too. I like Lizzy a great deal. Lizzy’s gone.

Eid Mubarak

So what else is happening ? Eed Mubarak. Biryani for all.

In other news, the Kanchi seer was arrested. Poor fellow. Tried to play the political game and got bitten on the ass. I wonder if any government will ever arrest Sai Baba. Sodomy is illegal in India. Probably not. He’ll die a peaceful death. Yasser Araafat died a peaceful death too. A fucking murderer who masqueraded as a freedom fighter. Dies a peaceful death in a French hospital bed. A posthumous Nobel peace prize ? Why not.

NP: Graveland – Thousand Swords

Its amazing how cool Graveland is. Rob Darken may have a problem with his music being called cool but it is. Graveland rock.

an update ?

The long dark tea time of the soul is here again. Bored beyond belief. Why do all my extra curricular activities involve intoxication ? Why is the sun so fucking hot ? Same thing. I think I like Enemies Of Reality after all. Its grown on me over the last few days. A nice huge weekend this. I saw a few movies, listened to a lot of music and smoked very little. Hardly drank too. What is happening to me ? Am I complaining ? Are you reading ?

I saw Requiem For A Dream. After all the talk about it I was expecting a lot more. Ellen Burnsteen was quite brilliant and Damon Wayans was quite good too. Leto and Connely just bored me. How is anybody supposed to have even a tiny bit of sympathy for these two losers ? Aaah well, whatever, next.

I also saw Animatrix. Quite stunning.

I saw The Magnificent Seven. Of the three, this I enjoyed the most. Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner are the epitome of the cool cowboy. Very cool movie and something I can see again and again and again.
“We deal in lead, friend.”

I wish all these cracker bursting fools would go to some open field somewhere (preferably on the fucking moon) and burst their crackers there. Lizzy was incredibly scared last night and she’s run off. I hope she comes back.

I quite like System Of A Down. Very cool as long as I only have to listen to a couple of songs at a time.

NP: Fantomas – Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

Mike Patton is a God.

Lizzy’s not back yet. I have a feeling she’s gone for good. I hope not.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

A - I am God. God is great.

Upendra wrote directed and starred in A. A kannada film that almost revolutionized a dying industry. A movie so bad and at the same time so good that it captivated you. Once you start watching this film, it becomes almost impossible to switch it off.

Upendra started his career as a director with a string of low budget crass comedies that became hugely successful. His partnership with actor Jaggesh gave the kannada film industry more than a few hits.

A, his first film as hero is rumored to chronicle his own experience with a starlet who used him and then dumped the poor chap for someone more powerful. The story basically aims at telling people that love is an illusion and a futile quest. The movie is also filled with Uppi’s trademark world view. There is no love and “people ain’t no good.” The story is simple enough but it is the manner of the telling that makes A compelling cinema.

“ Indian culture is great. Indian heritage is great. Indian people are not great.”

The movie starts with a viewing of Surya’s half completed film A. A foreigner pronounces interest in reviving the movie and finishing it provided Surya comes in as director to finish the movie he started. Surya though has slipped into an alcohol fuelled demtia and his love for his heroine Chandni is his only over riding concern in life. The movie then goes back to the beginning of Chandni and Surya’s relationship. Chandni’s initial love for Surya, her disillusionment with love, her betrayal of Surya and Surya’s own subsequent descent into madness. The completion of his movie within a movie is the blow out climax. The plot again is way too head fucking to talk about and simply must be watched to completely grasp.

Upendra as Surya is incredible. Over the top and very loud but he captivates you. Whether walking the streets of Bangalore gun in hand and killing people to set the balance of society right again, looking incredibly wasted, proclaiming himself to be God and forcing the temple priest to worship him at gunpoint, Upendra announced that he was a brand new star in Karnataka.

Upendra has been accused of making incredibly violent films. He has been accused of being misogynistic. Women have a tendency of getting beaten up and ill treated in his movies. Fair enough but then so do the men. If anything, Uppi is an equal opportunity hater.

Unfortunately, the success of A propelled Upendra into stardom and a string of commercial Kannada films have diluted his unique style and presence. Still, A is a landmark film in modern Kannada cinema. Upendra will never be hailed as the next Girish Kasaravalli or even a Suresh Heblikar or a Nagabharana but his style is all his own.

The Joker speaks

So when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember there’s always madness.

Madness is the emergency exit.

--- Alan Moore

This and that

I got my computer fixed. Finally. Some things that get broke in my life get fixed after all. Watching Mysore Mallige and listening to the Dead Man Walking soundtrack at the same time is only one of the perks of getting my computer fixed. Quite a mind numbing experience but enough of that for now.

I ride a bike again. The feeling is quite incredible. It’s a bullet. It’s a bullet. It’s a bullet.

Both of Tom Waits’ songs on this soundtrack are really really good. The Eddie Vedder Nusrat Fateh ali khan songs are both old favs. And on the CD I’ve suddenly discovered Suzanne Vega’s “Woman On The Tier.” Patti Smith is stunning on “Walkin Blind.” Who is she?

Mirror Black may actually take off. Well done.

Mysore Mallige is disturbing to watch: a homemade porno that has become something of an urban legend. The girl is plain but like some plain girls who are lucky has a fantastic smile. She also has a certain twinkle in her eye that makes her attractive. I’m having a tough time writing this with a straight face. The movie itself is quite something. The girl goes through various stages of reluctance and each time her reluctance is overcome. I had the volume on off so no real idea what was said but if I remember correctly from previous viewings , nothing of import is said at any time during this movie. The actual acts of sex are boring. The girl makes this movie with her teasing act and ultimately that is the movie, the girl being a tease and yet not. I hope that makes sense.

Come back tomorrow for an in depth look at A and if I have to tell you what that is, then you are simply not worthy.

Oh man, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan can be quite a trip occasionally. I think I’ll listen to the Michelle Shocked song again and then switch this off. Bahut Ho Gaya.

I finally have Assault On Precinct 13 again. Carpenter be very cool. The movie moves along at an incredible pace while still seeming like there’s nothing happening. The car chase between the gang member and the grieving father with the focus on the car headlights from the side is bloody riveting. “Gotta Smoke?” The heroes in this one are your despicable bad as nails prisoner on a life sentence for murder, an upright black cop and more importantly an honourable one. Then there’s a receptionist. A strong woman character at a time when most women in action movies were big breasted, dumb and blonde. This one though is tough. The villains are a street gang called “Street Thunder.” Corny, but it doesn’t really matter. Nothing matters but the breakneck pace and the direction. A gang member goes on a random killing spree. Kills ice cream man and a little girl. Little girl’s father kills gang member then seeks refuge in an almost closed down police station, which has the black cop lieutenant, the receptionist, the telephone operator and a police sergeant. Into this police station comes a prison bus carrying three lifers. The gang Street Thunder attacks the police station to get the little girl’s father and maybe just for kicks (it doesn’t really matter) and all hell breaks loose in a controlled and focussed manner. I like this movie a great deal. I think John Carpenter rocks. Assault…., Halloween, Big Trouble In Little China, The Thing, Escape from New York. He be uber kvlt. \m/

I brushed my teeth violently just now. The toothpaste once inside my mouth took on a strange frothy yellow and red colour. Bleeding Gums did you say ?

Watching Necrophagia’s video for “deep inside her I plant the devil’s seed” with lux occulta’s gambit playing is another trip. I’m quite bored. Not too late to get a life. No, but why should I ? Stream of consciousness ? No, just rubbish.

Thank you.