Friday, June 17, 2005


So I take this knife. I cut you across your lower stomach. A long clean horizontal slash of the crimson kind. You look down to see the damage. One thin cut. Long but thin. The blood is only leaking. In tiny spurts. You look to counter. You look down. The trickle has become a flood. Your blood is running down your stomach. The thin cut is not so thin anymore. It has become a wide gaping cut. You can see your guts making their way out. This is when you’ll scream. When shock has finally worn off. And you screamed. Your guts were hanging now. Reaching the floor with a dull soft thud. Cut deeper than I thought. Still my orders are clear and this only makes it easier. I reach for your guts. Wrap your intestine round your throat. I strangle you. guts for stranglers. It holds well. It stretches. You’re eyes start to widen. You stop screaming. Too hard to breathe and scream. You try to breathe. Your eyes look like they’ll pop out any second now. There. Strangled with your own guts. How does it feel, friend ?

You’re awake again. Good. The rope must be tight. Don’t worry they’re for your own good. The chair’s hard too, I’ll bet. Well, it’s the only one I have. So then here’s the plan. I’m going to take this rod and beat you on the head with it. Two things have been asked of me. To give you a concussion or to make you bleed. Well. The thing is, how will I know if you have a concussion ? By the end of it, you’ll bleed and you’ll probably have a concussion. Useless to struggle. I wont kill you. I’m a professional. Maybe I can do it with just one blow. Yes, you can scream all you want.

Hello. How’re you today ? The wires ? That’s precisely why I’m here madam. To tell you…. no. To show you what the wires are for. You want to know right now ? Definitely. When I turn this little dial, the wires give you a little shock. A tiny little surge of electricity. I turn the dial a little more and I can give you an orgasm. Like that. Again ? careful madam. I’ve heard these things can be quite addictive. Very well. There. But then, as I push the dial further, pleasure turns to pain. Yes, like that. If I wanted, I could turn the dial all the way up and burn a black hole through your insides. Till your hair frizzled and your brain melted. To see smoke makes its way off your skin. To smell the rotting stench of your burnt body. I could burn you from the inside out. Yes. Like that.

Should have got my face mask. Place smells like a fucking slaughterhouse.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


< style="font-family: arial;">Here’s an addendum to the Machine Head post I wrote a while back.

The album “ Through The Ashes Of Empires” is not old school in any way. Its modern metal. That’s the best description I can think of. Machine Head borrow a lot of ideas through this album but somehow also tap into the anger of Burn My Eyes. This album is getting better with every listen.

I saw this Japanese movie. Tokyo Decadence by Ryu Murakami. Not related to Haruki I guess but they could be brothers. Anyway, the movie. What’s it about? What are Japanese movies usually about? I have the no idea. The Japanese movies I watch have large amounts of gratuitous violence and perversities. I say this quite proudly. I scare me. Now if only I could stop smiling. Back to the movie though, its about loneliness. Its about Ai, A lonely little prostitute who specializes in S & M. Her meeting with a bunch of fucked up clients, existential angst and her lonely search for happiness. Its also about lots and lots of S & M and nudity. Like Arty Porn. The kind of porn you won’t have to whisper about at a wine tasting. “ Oh, I saw this lovely little Japanese movie. It was called Tokyo Decadence. It was stunning in its meaning and use of metaphors. Lots of nudity but almost Kafkaesque in its approach.”

"Really now ?”

This post brought to you by the good people at Winamp.

Quo Vadis – I Believe
Death metal from Canada. This is one pretty awesome band. Technical and melodic at the same time, I Believe is death fucking metal.

Extreme – Hole Hearted
I got hold of Pornograffiti again recently and now I’m listening to a bunch of old Extreme songs. Good fun.

Megadeth – I Thought I Knew It All/ Youthanasia
I love Youthanasia. I like everything Megadeth did including and upto Risk. These 2 songs make up the very strong middle portion of the album.

Oysterhead – Oysterhead

I thought this band would sound old in a bit. Not yet. Oysterhead rock.

Queensryche – Spreading The Disease / Promised Land
One heavy metal ball buster of a song and one moody dark epic. Lots of Queensryche happening and these two songs from Operation Mindcrime and Promised Land have been on Winamp for a while now.

Mother Love Bone – This Is Shangrilla
Rock n roll. Very cool band. Andrew Wood was a fucking rock star and he could sing.

Saigon Kick – Water
A sentimental favourite. Water as an album isn’t close to The Lizard but it has a few good songs. This one, I like.

Ulver – Lost In Moments
So what happened to Ulver then ? I read that they no longer played black metal and were now doing all sorts of electronic music and psychedelia and jazz and what not. None of this prepared me for the opening song on Perdition City. Its so trippy man. There’s this electronic trip hop thing happening and there’s this saxophone thing happening and damn its so trippy. The album holds up pretty well too. Lost In Moments is one really good song.

Acid Bath – Fingerpaintings Of The Insane
“The thoughts of dead babies Wiped away with my semen”

Acid Bath – Scream Of The Butterfly

"With sunlight in her hair she smiles like she don't care Her dreams of liquid blue I cut my self again and again to remind myself of you”

Acid Bath – Bones Of Baby Dolls
“Work for pay and pay for freedom Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em We smoke the bones of baby dolls”

Acid Bath – Dead Girl
"Sister, burn the temple And stand beneath the moon The sound of the ocean is dead It's just the echo of the blood in your head.”

Acid Bath – Godmachine
“Be silent now and take your beating.”

Anathema – A Natural Disaster
Strangely enough this is the only Anathema album I like from beginning to end. The previous albums all got boring midway through the album. This is my favourite song on the album.

Gorefest – Walk My Way
Just a really awesome band. From the old school death metal of Mindloss to the pulverize your face intensity of Erase, Gorefest fucking own.

Vast – Here
I like this song sometimes and just hate it at others. Tonight I hated it. Seemed to go on forever.

The Gathering – These Good People
Album opener on Souvenirs, The Gathering in my book can do no wrong. Anneke is an angel sent down to sing for me. Just a great song.

Dark Tranquility – Indifferent Suns / The Wonders At Your Feet
Two songs from Dark Tranquility’s awesome Haven album. Melodic, heavy and just really catchy.

Frou Frou – Let Go
Like Dido mixed with Bjork. Nice little pop song and quite addictive.

Sanctuary – White Rabbit
Warrel Dane takes on Grace Slick, Dave Mustaine steps in as guest on the lead guitar and Sanctuary rape a rock classic. You’ll never want to listen to the original after you’re done with this cover. Fucking awesome.

Soilwork – Departure Plan
Like Europe playing death metal. Damn catchy and this song has a very cool lead guitar section in the middle.

Tori Amos – Love Song
Arre wah! Kyaa gaathi hein. Another angel.

Atheist – Earth
If this band had somehow patented their sound, then every second technical metal band would be paying them royalties. One awesome band and this song from Elements is my favourite Atheist song ever.

James Murphy – Touching The Earth
Murphy’s solo albums were both hit and miss affairs for me. Not a huge fan of guitar wankery solo albums. This song though has Chuck Billy singing on it. Chuck Billy is for me the best thrash vocalist ever. He can sing, scream, shout, growl, roar and fucking annihilate. Murphy is a death metal guitar legend. Touching The Earth is one awesome epic heavy metal song.

Death Angel – Ex-tc
Death Angel were never my favourite band but they had a bunch of good songs. A little like sitting in a coffee shop by yourself in the middle of the day when your only relief from boredom is the occasional cute girl you make eye contact with. Ex-tc is like one of those cute girls.

Diamond Head – Shoot Out The Lights
Fun for an occasional listen but mostly lifeless and boring. Diamond Head, apart from the truly kickass “Am I Evil” just sounded like a dull mix of Thin Lizzy and Blue Oyster Cult.

Metal Church – Badlands
Iced Earth sound so much like Metal Church on the album Blessing In Disguise. You can picture Schaffer writing a song like Badlands with Barlow (not ripper) singing it. Metal Church rock. Heavy fucking Metal.

Ulver – Utreise
Ulver was always one weird band. Nattens Madrigal was one raw, horrible produced piece of black metal while Kveldssanger was an all acoustic album sung in Norwegian. This song from Kveldssanger mostly settles into background music as does the whole album. Quite soothing which coming from Ulver just doesn’t seem right.

Orphaned Land – The Beloved’s Cry
Israeli doom metal band. Orphaned Land are fucking K V L T.

Opeth – Under The Weeping Moon
Musically Opeth have not changed much since their debut album Orchid. Under A Weeping Moon has all the Opeth trademarks. Long ass song too. Still, early Opeth had a huge Iron Maiden thing to them that made them a lot of fun and the vocals were more black metal. I’d rather listen to Orchid or Morningrise any day.

Yattering – Lost Within
Polish death metal band that reminds me a little of Suffocation. Short song, death metal, pretty damn intense. Its all good.

lack of comprehension

< style="font-family: arial;">A short time pass review of a bunch of books I read recently.

The End Of Alice – A M Holmes

This book scared me, it repulsed me and I couldn’t put it down. A pedophile in prison and his pen pal, a 19 year old girl on the outside. It freaked me out. This book. Scared me. Its not fun at all. But it should scare the shit out of you. So read it. If you want.

Filth – Irvine Welsh

Welsh is another author who can make me squirm. He did with Trainspotting and he does so here. Filth is the story of a corrupt cop. Sergeant Bruce Robertson is an utter shit anti-hero who through the course of the book goes slowly insane. It is also the story of the worm in his stomach. A parasite that is dependent on Bruce for its sustenance. The story is told by Bruce with asides from the tapeworm in his gut. An unpleasant hero, an unpleasant book but jolly good fun to read.

Inconceivable – Ben Elton

Ben Elton’s written a romantic comedy. Just like the protagonist in Inconceivable. A couple are trying to have a baby. The husband works at the BBC and is trying to write a film. The writing of the film and the producing of a baby are going nowhere. The couple after many ups and downs remain totally in love with each other. Elton later made the movie on the book filmed as “Maybe Baby.” Its funny but its not the Elton of High Society or This Other Eden. This is a tamer version of Elton. Like a forced attempt at being sensitive. A bit of a let down.

Book Of Illusions – Paul Auster

A thoroughly dull, depressing book that has the pace of a snail. I can imagine a hollywood movie with Richard Dreyfuss crawling along a three hour marathon. Sorry. I’m sure its an all right book. I loathed it.