Monday, July 11, 2005

the bombay groove

I landed in Bombay a week ago. Dear Diary, i would be lying if i said i did'nt miss Bangalore. Still, this was my decision and one i think i'll be quite happy with. Hell, I'm happier right now than i've been in a long long time so what the hell. This city has a groove to it. I feel incredibly lazy in the mornings when i'm at home but once i step out the momentum of the city carries me and then deposits me at my destination with no fuss at all.

What have I been upto lately ?

I went to see a bunch of Bombay bands. Helga's Fun Castle, Pin Drop Violence, Zero and Pentagram.

The Fun Castle was fucking awesome fun. rock n roll. Three songs stuck out from their set list. "SSG" (or "smoke some ganja") with its wonderfully catchy chorus, "The Marching Song" which live gets surprisingly heavy and the cheesy but very very catchy "Sometimes." Helga's Fun Castle also has an album out in a very nifty looking digipac. I totally enjoyed their set and and their CD. Fun rock n roll that sounds like a friendlier version of RATM mixed with the Offspring and maybe a little Men At Work too. Doesn't sound appealing but believe me, this band is a lot of fun.

Next up was PDV. First time i'm watching this band and they fucking destroyed. I was told later that this wasn't one of their best shows. PDV was like one big angry monster on stage. Awesome shit.

Next was Zero. I missed the beginning of their set, pre-occupied with watching hair being cut. It was a surreal experience and something I won't forget ever. Go to a rock show and watch hair being cut. Good fun. Zero, sadly were not. Zero without Warren is dull. Enough said.

Finally, it was time for Pentagram. A band i've come to loathe. Pretentious nonsense and they've been doing the same shit for so long its just not fun anymore. Blah. I think i left when the vocalist was singing "this is for my people..." Total blah.

The Fun Castle and PDV rocked. Zero was dull and Pentagram was a fucking pain. Still, Helga's Fun Castle and PDV made the evening and the show worth it.