Sunday, September 07, 2014


The more I listen to this Iron Void, the better it gets. Even with a song like burden of regret and it's thinly veiled "tribute" to Candlemass. I still haven't heard The W'izard album from last year. Witch's Brew doesn't have a bandcamp page and ordering from the label costs 40 euros with shipping. What the fuck.

Listening to jumalhamara. Finnish black metal. One song lasting 17 minutes. I'm at the mid-song interlude. All drone and atmosphere. Then the band kicks in with some wild percussion, noise and static. This is quite arty and avant-garde stuff. The first 8 minutes made no impact at all and then they show of all their different influences. Noise, shoegaze, drone, a little bit of post punk and goth and amidst all this, black metal is just the canvas. 18 minutes well spent.

What is it about South American stoner/ psych/ doom bands? La Hell Gang is the latest and they sound like old Ganjas. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Just listen to The Ganjas instead.

List your top 10 stoner/ psych/ doom bands from South America. Now there's a list I could sink my teeth into.