Friday, April 18, 2008

this and that

Hello again.
I’m undecided about a lot of things right now. Should I ? Shouldn’t I ? They’re all going to take severe effort on my side and some are things I must do while some are things I want to do. I’ll probably end up doing them all in a half assed way. Such is life.

The Monolith Deathcult have just delivered the sucker punch of the year. This album just completely came in from the cold and blew me away. Like Clint in High Plains Drifter. The band play a mix of old school Euro and American death but enhance the music with keyboards and electronics. The music sounds epic and raw in parts while being unpredictable in the best possible way. Trivmvirate is a fucking storm. \m/

This cricket series against South Africa was so boring. I hope we lose the third test. Then they can all go to IPL and redeem themselves. Make big scores on flat pitches, make tons of money, feel young and hard again and then move to the next failure. Indian cricket is becoming more entertainment than sport. A bunch of glorified models who walk on to the field when they don’t have to pose but continue to pose anyway. Wankers !

I saw Race recently. Akshay Khanna, Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Samira Reddy and Anil Kapoor all act in it to varying degrees. I like Akshay Khanna, especially after Gandhi My Father which I thought was brilliant. The three ladies are completely gorgeous and Saif seems to be trying for some sort of rugged metrosexual look. The plot kind of went on and on with twists and turns and double and triple and a whole quartet of crosses and all this before the interval. Honestly, it was only Anil Kapoor as the fruit eating South African-Indian cop Robert D’Costa who saved this film with his completely outrageous one liners of the so bad they’re good variety. Much better than Welcome where he was just completely over the top.

Anyway, the ladies were gorgeous. It was a tie between Katrina Kaif and Bipasha Basu for almost the whole movie till a little red dress happened and then it was Bipasha all the way. Completely smoldering. Sameera Reddy looked good and was quite convincing in the dumb bimbo role.
Overall I had fun in the second half of the movie and while not quite paisa vasool, it was reasonable time pass.

Now, sit down and let me tell you a tale. There used to be this band from Norway called Atrox with a weird and wonderful sense of heavy metal and an equally weird and wonderful woman who sang and squealed and made effervescent noises. The last of all this though was a few good years ago and that weird and wonderful woman left the band. All was silent till suddenly a few days ago I came across a new Atrox album. They were back. This time with a weird and not very wonderful man singing for them. Still, the power of Atrox holds firm.

I’m surfing on the rings of Saturn
Nursing a drink and hoping to learn
I’m on the job, on the roll, on the money
On the sixth planet where it’s never sunny

The chick was hot, they all are
The job was easy, not all of them are
Find her little brother who ran away
No big deal, I’d make her day

I’m surfing on the rings of Saturn
Looking for a little lost kid
I’m surfing on the rings of Saturn
Someone please give me a tip

Dead ends ,no one knows nothing
Right time for the phone to ring
A whisper, a breath, an offer to meet
To learn of a little bloody boy with teeth

The whisper leads to darkness
All signs point to a complete mess
Run! Leave! The boy’s a fucking vampire
Never had my future seemed so dire

I’m surfing on the rings of Saturn
Looking for a little lost vampire
I’m surfing on the rings of Saturn
Drunk, nervous and not so sure

I know where he is and I’m on my way
Collect and deliver, like any other day
Tie that little sucker with a red ribbon
And mail him to his sister in Lisbon

I enter the dark, I’m so scared
Monkey on my back, teeth on neck
I never had a chance, die I shall
The boy’s a vampire after all

I was surfing on the rings of Saturn
And I found what I was looking for
I was surfing on the rings of Saturn
And it's left me bleeding to death now