Friday, October 25, 2013

the mango is in season

The mango is in season. Blog me this, blog me that. Old lines remembered, repeated. There's something off with this new Necrophobic. Cleaner. Heavier. A mid week off is never eventful. This one was quieter than most. The mango is in season. The king is hungry. The royal taster died. In his sleep. 51 days ago. The king is hungry. The dog sleeps. Stretched out. Big fellow. This Gutslit T shirt is very comfortable. I'm sitting by the side of the road. The mango is in season. Umbrella's are out, the rain comes and goes. The light from the street is blinding me. The noise from the street can't touch me. The mango is in season.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Breath in the Shade of Time

Saw Lunchbox. Would have been the perfect Indian film to send to the Oscars. I liked it a lot. Irfan and Nawazuddin are absolutely brilliant but that woman did a good job too. By the end of it, I was rooting for the lovers to unite.

This new Eibon is pretty great. 2 long songs than can be called sludge but a bit more varied and dynamic than the last 2 albums. File it next to the new Pombagira which is also pretty great, has 2 long songs and can be broadly classified as sludge.

Still watching Lost. Jack has to be one of the most annoying TV characters ever written and its all getting a bit unnecessarily complicated. Season 4 turned out pretty great but then Season 5 fucked things up. The whole time travel conundrum was solved with lame philosophy. Annoyed the crap out of me.

Sat through about 45 minutes of World's End and its pretty dull so far. Hopefully will get better.

Finally got my hands on The Baby. Damn that was a hard find.

Another Sunday and another show. Its not as regular as that sounds but here we are again. The air conditioning is off and the place is a sauna. We're the second band on the lineup with 50 minutes to kill. Should be fun. Couple of bombay bands to look forward to and Threinody who will hopefully play Disembodiment. They'll turn the a/c on soon. I can't remember the lyrics to Weird Tales. Oops. Soundcheck @ 3.

I finally have comfortable seating. Always at a premium. Very poor turnout so far. I hope it gets better. 5 CDs sold which is not bad. Ontologus are some kind of tech death I guess. Sound quite good. We're up next. Empty hall. Maybe 50 people if you count the waiters. Bad scene. Although considering we've played to 5 people and a dog, it's not actually bad at all. Well, the djinn fans seemed to like what we did. Major sound issues aside, old faithful Weird Tales ended things nicely. I, Zombie turned out quite well too. Shepherd are a great band but they need to sort out the vocals. Big fat grooves, good songs. When they're instrumental they give off a K2B vibe. Other times its abrasive noise rock. Very good either way. Threinody up next. Fucking killed it. Disembodiment was the wow moment for the night. Awesome song. The other 3 were pretty good too. Especially Schism and Blade. It was a genuine pleasure to see a proper thrash band. No unnecessary labels.

My pretty pink drink is over and I must make my way home.