Tuesday, March 04, 2014

see that my grave is kept clean

It's always a pretty great feeling to go to show where I'm not playing and still see a couple of random people in djinn T-shirts. Went to Insurrection last night to watch Orchid and Nihilus and both bands were pretty good. Also bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in some 4 years and the general vibe was friendly and peaceful. I think trendslaughter last weekend didn't work for me simply because of the whole attitude. A bunch of uber kvlt people who are all just trying a bit too hard and it sometimes just feels a bit fake. Walked out halfway through Dying Embrace's set and didn't stay for Impiety but Orator was absolutely brilliant. Could have done without the drunken idiot storming the stage and waving that human skull over his head though.

In other news I've been on a massive JCVD trip lately. Saw Wake of Death, 6 Bullets, Enemies Closer and Welcome to the Jungle over the last couple of weeks and all 4 movies were entertaining to various degrees.

In still other news, AMC has announced they'll be bringing The Preacher to the small screen. I guess this was inevitable after the success of The Walking Dead but I'm unsure about this.

...and djinn is sort of back again. we're playing in thane sometime in may and then hopefully record the rest of the songs by the end of the year. if we have a 2nd album up on bandcamp by this time next year, then i think i'll be quite happy. Thane should be good. Last time was great. 

Watching India play in New Zealand right now is quite depressing. There's plenty of talent but it's not coming together. Although Ishant Sharma is doing well in the tests, Jadeja and Shami continue to grow. Good signs but will be a while before we win abroad. 

And saw a few more movies. Confession of Murder is the most fun action/ thriller movie I've seen in a long time. The car chase scene was ridiculous but the movie had just enough bite to be quite good. Thor: The Dark World was surprisingly entertaining and so was Arnold's The Last Stand. Stoker was pretty good too. Effective and creepy. American Mary had so much promise but the last 30 minutes just ruined it a bit for me. And the fucking cop with the strange Brit accent. Katherine Isabelle was great though. The most likable horror heroine in a long while.   

This new Ogre is something else. Some absolutely killer jams, great songs and the nasal ozzy light delivery somehow fits perfectly. Album of the quarter. Other mentions go out to Godhunter, Indian, Grand Magus, Dephosphorus, The Wounded Kings, Conan and Mustach. It's been a pretty great year so far and a lot more to come.