Monday, June 20, 2011

it ends and starts and ends and starts

A friend told me today that by the time he's done with work and goes home and spends time catching up with everything that needs to be read and seen its 3 am. I'm glad I'm not alone. Some days are good and some not so but every night is full of dreams.

Its never too late to turn back

Or too late to flee the scene
For want of a horse,
the kingdom was lost
For the absence of trust
a good man went to war
Everybody's culpable
Everybody run

I'm not going to sleep tonight
Must remember to check the score

I'm not going to read tonight
Must remember to tend the sore

Monday, June 06, 2011

strength in numbness

I heard the new lady gaga album yesterday. It seems its the first album in 2 years to go past the 1 million sales mark in america. Its mostly dance pop like it used to be around high school and puc. Like tavern on a wednesday night with every song waking a strange sense of nostalgia in me. Its like she's playing retro pop if there is something like that. And totally disposable. I can't remember a single song now.

Watched this tv show called Bored to Death. With Jason Schwartzman , the fat bearded guy from hangover and ted danson. Jason's a struggling writer who posts an ad on craigs list posing as a private detective, the fat guy is his best friend and struggling cartoonist and ted danson's the editor of some big time magazine. All 3 suck at relationships, all are going through personal crises and all 3 smoke pot. It has a very laid back feel good vibe to it that I liked a lot. Watched 16 episodes in 3 nights.

Now on to Psychoville which is the return of the league of the gentlemen. Strange creepy horror comedy. First episode was pretty good. A nurse who talks to a plastic doll like its her own baby, a one armed clown who chain smokes and drives a hearse, an old blind man with secrets, an ex porn star dwarf with telekinetic powers and the obligatory serial killer and his mum. A veritable cornucopia of horrors. Its a bit more in your face and over the top than The League but still pretty damn good.

This blog is becoming more and more like a repository for vague comments on tv shows and music. I feel like I should be writing about more important stuff. The self and things that affect me and all. And even Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev and the Sadhvis and civil society. But what to do? I feel strongly about so many things but can only write about the mundane and disposable entertainment of my everyday life.

Head held high but I was knocked off my feet
I can't decide if you're a trick or a treat.

You think Medha Patkar is sitting somewhere and slapping her forehead and going, "damn. What a bunch of jokers! I should have eaten properly."? Doubt it. She seems like a serious lady. Also, for the first time in my life I'm agreeing with the human rights activists and lawyers who are coming on tv. Its a bit disconcerting but when this one lawyer on tv called ramdev a fraud and asked for an enquiry into the source of his wealth I was cheering. Especially when the ramdev fan on the debate asked for her to be banned from tv immediately. Potato smileys and pot tea at Koshys and art fag exhibits at CKP await.

Yesterday, I woke up with this strong feeling that I must track down an old friend. I hadn't seen or heard from him in about 7 years but figured facebook would help me. As it turned out, there's no sign of him or his family on fb. It's left me a little worried.

Its a beautiful day out. The word pleasant comes to mind. Its cool but sunny with a threat of rain on the horizon. So much for the weather report.

Looks like next project is going to be a hardcore tech process for an internet security firm from San Jose. My tentacles are slowly unfurling onto the valley. Tentacles still crossed though.