Saturday, April 09, 2016

At home with Mr. Flu

Hello again. Here's all the music I listened to this week. 

Scorpions - Lonesome Crow
It feels like the band just did whatever the hell they wanted to on this album and somehow everything fit. Awesome 70s rock. Completely fearless.

In Search of the Peace of Mind

Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday
Just for Sunrise. Over and over again. Someday. 


Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity
Just some reassurance. Easy, familiar fallback. 

The Erosion of Sanity

Danzig - The Lost Tracks of Danzig Disc 1
Huge collection of unreleased stuff, rehearsals, covers and a few good songs buried here and there.  

Satan's Crucifiction

Demon Fuzz - Afreaka!
Fantastic afro-rock. Kind of psychedelic, jammy prog rock with funk and pop bits. Love this album. 


Abysmal Grief - Feretri
Feretri really is an amazing album. went back to this after a long while and it is some really terrific doom metal. 

Lords of the Funerals

Saint Vitus - Mournful Cries
Speaking of terrific doom metal

Dragon Time

Maybe getting Linda Perry to write you a song is pretty much all you need but you still have to sing it. Damn. She can sing.