Saturday, December 28, 2013

3 Swans

A friend died, the band was killed and work is killing me. What a splendid week.

I spent all evening smiling vacantly at relatives I hadn't seen in years and won't see for more years.

Its going be a long week. I resent having to do anything on my off days.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

This new Rudra album is great. Easily the best thing they've done. The guitarist they got on the last album is really ripping it and the songs are finally, proper Vedic metal. The band sounds tight and like they mean it. Well done. "RTA" is Rudra's finest hour.

Monday, December 02, 2013

When mind escapes flesh

My bed has turned into an intermittent black hole. It started a month ago when a carefully rolled joint just disappeared. No puff of smoke, no blinding flash of light. Just gone. That was followed by 2 pairs of scissors, a CD of Undying Inc's debut ep, my earphones and a couple of james lee burke books. All vanished without a trace. A ghost with a penchant for origami and slam or a homicidal spirit biding its time in the company of some burke. That Undying Inc CD is enough to drive the living to murder. Don't know what effect it'll have on the dead.

I'm irritated a lot. Annoyed and impatient with people. Unwind Inc. A weekend without work after a long while. Show tomorrow and practice at some point today. Been a while. Should be good. I'm not confident about Hangman. So set list is Weird Tales, I, Zombie, Book of the Fallen and Hangman.  Yippie! I should come up with easier parts to sing. So finally, 30 minutes on stage. I, Zombie and Weird Tales. Haha! I, Zombie came out really well. Best live version yet. Weird Tales was a bit off in the first half but settled down nicely after that. Overall, a patchy set but a few people liked us.

I wish they'd kill Mickey already. The scene with Jon Voight and Elliot Gould was absolutely brilliant. Right down to the hallucination. Generally well written and acted but James Woods is unnecessary and very, very hammy. Overall, Ray Donovan is worth following. Season finale tonight and it was pretty good. James Woods got a bullet in the head, Mickey's still around and Ray got lucky.

The first time I heard "for god your soul" I was 16. Impressionable age. Autopsy had already happened but when Shirinc went "For god your soul... For me your flesh", something just switched on in my head. John Tardy on Infected and Chris Reifert on An act of the unspeakable were the 2 other defining moments of death metal vocals growing up. So thanks to this wondrous thing called YouTube...