Sunday, August 30, 2009

So? Then? What else?

I have crazy fucking dreams on Sunday afternoons. Not every Sunday but the only dreams I can remember are the ones from my Sunday afternoon naps and they are all either bizarre, fucked up or complete nonsense.

Blogging when you have nothing to say is a lot easier than blogging on a particular topic but then there's lots to talk about. I'm just not in a very sharing mood. Things are alright I guess. Mostly, a feeling of restlessness and vague tension like a coiled spring in the pit of my stomach. I need a holiday and its happening soon but not soon enough. That's another whole new feeling. I don't remember the last time I was this excited/ nervous about a holiday. Equal parts almost and a fair amount of tension also. Dear Diary, I don't really know what to say.

So anyway, Mosque Road and Ramzan food got sacked again today. Laziness made her presence felt. It's a long festival but it's not going to happen this year. Is okay.

I might miss Mr. Big also and will have to listen to hazaar stories about the genius of Paul Gilbert and how cool he was and how funny and how I should have been there. Is okay too.

Insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

Mostly, these next few days are going to be torturous. Must maintain calm outer surface at all times. Too much jumping around and shouting like 12 year old who's scored his first goal will destroy the little dignity I have left.

Also,dear diary,full on Sunday evening blues happening. I don't want to go to work tomorrow and spend another day pretending to be busy. I really don't.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mysore, Sun O))) and the dust of dreams

I can hear voices in the street. Singing. My eyes are sunken. My neck is sweaty. That bud from Mysore was oh so pretty. Sun O))) are not pretty but they do a brilliant job of setting the mood. The constant drone invades my brain and my ears start to hurt. I would lower the volume but that would mean confirmation of an ugly truth. I cease and desist. Compromise. I almost changed the mood but Attila Csihar started his vocal bit. I thought his song on the last Jarboe album was fantastic. On Aghartha, he's just talking.

The new Cable album is brilliant. I've heard very little of this band previously but The Failed Convict has pretty much got me by the balls.

In other news, Harley Davidson is finally entering the Indian market. I'm waiting and watching.

Kaminay was so much crap. Should have seen it in Rex. Sankat City too was mostly crap. But then I've fallen into the habit of watching some really bad films. Saw one last night called Flesh for Frankenstein with Udo Keir as the Baron. It was the most fucked up retelling of the Frankenstein story I have ever seen. Blew my mind.

Also, the new Keelhaul is mad. This is some seriously heavy twisted music.

So, Dust of Dreams is out already. Discussions have begun in earnest about the book. People have finished it and posted the last 50 pages on line. I sneaked and peaked. Couldn't resist. Quick Ben has a death scene but everyone is hoping he escapes. I'm with everyone on this one. There hasn't been enough QB of late. No mention of him in Toll the Hounds at all. And yes, Dear Diary, who the hell is Iskar Jarak? Do I have to go back and start from scratch? And it turns out the Dying God was actually Bellurdan Skullkrusher. Thank you Internet. At times on Toll the Hounds it felt like there were two writers at work. The entire storyline with Gruntle and the Trygalle Trade Guild was very dull and time consuming with a really irritating side story about a cursed village that totally ruined the momentum of the story and it was told in a very pedestrian way. Why was it there? Anyway, the rest of the book was pretty good. It's coming to an end finally. Maybe just another three years.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


So basically, the more jobless and bored I am, the more you get to see me Dear Diary. That's pretty much what it's come down to. An uncle of mine is shoulder surfing right now as I type. This is the second time he's doing it and it's really pissing me off. If we were at work I'd complain to security and get him thrown out of the building under the heading of data protection. Unfortunately, we're not at work. Unfortunately, he's a relative.

I'm in the mood for a big fat cheese Omlette and toast but feeling too bleh to cook it.

I like Tom Waits when he's a bit mad and screaming and shouting and I love him when he's telling stories but his mushy side just seems too mushy. Mule Variations is one hell of an album though. It's got some mush but he's mostly at his best right through these 16 songs.

In other news, My Uncle the Wolf has a new ep out and the band has recovered a fair bit from the Down syndrome of their debut. Now they seem like a more grungy/ stoner rock band with some severe Soundgarden and AiC worship which while not being original is still better than ripping Down off. Anyway, Vader on this new ep sounds like a slightly better arranged version of Double Barrel Blues from the debut. Already lapsing into self imitation but I think I'll hold out for the second album. Who knows, maybe they'll blow minds and kick ass after all.

Spending nights at the hospital has to be one of the most depressing feelings ever. It's this atmosphere of gloom that just hangs over everything. I'm sure there are happy stories to be found in these places but not where I was sitting last night.

Anyway, hunger wins over ennui and I'm off Dear Diary. Want me to save you a bite?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

some more something

I'm updating a lot more suddenly. No particular reason and its all mostly crap but here I am anyway. Been tripping quite a bit on CRASS and Goatwhore and a bunch of other bands so thought I'd do a video only post with a bunch of you tube links but then I couldn't figure out how to so I'm just going to ramble some more.

Goatwhore's new album which I spoke about earlier as well is fucking intense. Probably their best since Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun and some truly awe inspiring riffs on this one. They even go melodic on a song with pretty good results.

Steven Erikson's Toll the Hounds also is pretty kickass. The Malazan Book of the Fallen is now only two books away from completion and some of the stuff in this eighth book will leave fan boys stunned. Anomander Rake is the pivot in this book and while it's populated by a whole bunch of the more important characters it's beginning to look more and more likely that endgame will be played out mostly by Shadowthrone and Cotillion. Can't wait and also can't really believe that I've invested so much time into this. I started reading Gardens of the Moon when I was in college. Damn. I should pat myself on the back.

I'm not the beast they've made me out to be
I've done some good things. Done some good things.
Like you, I've stumbled once or twice
Done some bad things, yes I've done some bad things
My body is a thing corrupt and wrong
It is guilty. Yes, it's guilty
My spirit is the thing that's dragged along
It is innocent. Lord it's innocent

Oh, separate my body from my soul
Oh, separate my body from my soul

Let's go back to how things were back then
When I was younger, when I was younger
Everything was either black or white
It was easier, so much easier
Now everything it looks so grey
I'm older, now I'm older
Show me a man who deserves to die
You cannot convince me, you cannot convince me
Show me a man who deserves to live
You have no evidence, you have no evidence

Oh, separate my body from my soul
Oh, separate my body from my soul

I tried so hard to tell you truths
But I lied to you, Oh how I lied to you
The things that you think you know so well
They are fleeting, Yes they're fleeting
You're the one who told me who I was
You said "You're no one." So now I'm no one.

Oh, separate my body from my soul
Oh, separate my body from my soul

I love Those Poor Bastards. Best band I've found in a long while.

Monday, August 03, 2009

oh well...

I was told yesterday that all normal people do to fall asleep is turn the lights off, get under their blankets and close their eyes. Turns out I can't do normal very well.

In other news, Terminator: Salvation is the dumbest movie I have ever seen. The bad shit starts pretty much with the arrival of John Connor (Christian Bale) and continues right till the incredible, unbelievable stupid ending. It started off well enough. Sam Worthington who I've never seen before is a convicted prisoner awaiting execution. Helena Bonham Carter is some sort of cancer stricken scientist who wants to use his body for Skynet purposes. There's a little bit of dialogue and a kiss between the convicted killer and the dying scientist which ends with the line "So that's what death tastes like" which is pretty much the highlight of the entire movie.

You can stop reading this right now Dear Diary. Honestly. Bale makes his appearance shortly thereafter with his copter landing on a terminator and Bale stepping out to put two bullets into the Terminator's head. Head shots kill these machines apparently even though it looks like the bullets bounced off. The Terminators look like some sort of mechanized zombies for the most part and and the fight scenes are the usual loud noisy shakey camera scenes where you can't really see anything. Anyway, Bale finds out that he's number two on the Skynet hit list with Kyle Rees being number one on that list. For those of you who remember, Rees is actually John's father although at this time he's still a teenage boy and younger than John. It takes John a good 15 minutes to come to the startling conclusion that once Skynet kills of Rees then he's pretty much a goner too. Bale looks pretty much like a genius when he comes up with the line "No Kyle Rees and there's no John Connor."

So anyway, the movie carries along on its merry way. Sam Worthington's character is brought back from the dead then dies after an epic fight with the classic Terminator C-800 only to be resurrected so he can sacrifice himself for the greater good cause "everybody deserves a second chance." I've never seen a more unnecessary character in Hollywood but Worthington is pretty good at what he does and seems like he could be an action hero in the same mould as Jason Statham.

The movie ends on an optimistic note and I guess there are another couple of movies before this comes to its end but man, this movie is very fucked. Easily Bale's worst role/ performance ever. Don't know what he was thinking and he looks like he was sleep walking through most of it. I went into this movie knowing it was going to be bad and overblown but even I wasn't prepared for this level of suckage. Terrible.

In other news, playing the new Goatwhore and Anaal Nathrakh back to back is one hell of a trip. The new Goatwhore especially is filled from start to finish with some of the most aggressive thrash/ death riffs I've heard in a while and its a good deal better than A Haunting Curse which I totally loved. The Nathrakh is a complete fucking classic. Enough said.