Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the end of my rope is a noose

Been a while since I came here. So much has happened on the personal front that I have no choice but to leave all of it out. Today is a new day and pain is a warning.

I had the most bizarre dream last night. I was in the masterchef house. Like an outsider looking in. Kumar killed Hayden. Kicked him in the neck with a fancy karate move and everyone cheered.

In other news I'm going to try my hand at haiku writing next time I'm in the tub. I feel inspired.

I got a new waterproof jacket courtesy of the sister and it works like a charm when its raining. When its not though, it gets incredibly stuffy. Luckily I can fold it into my bag. Wow.

I'm writing reviews again. On the gayest metal site on the net.

"I wish they were hardcore leftists instead of just left leaning. Life would have been so much easier."

"But then you can't be apolitical"


"It seems Anna has supporters even in pakistan"

"Yeah. Till Eed."

Today was a pretty good sunday. Heard a lot of music, wasted time on rest and relaxation, laughed at some stupid jokes and now listening to demolition hammer, morbid saint and mandator on shuffle.

Been watching this show called eureka. About a small town called Eureka that houses the best minds in America and the town sheriff who must keep these minds safe. Its a lot like Chuck. Ridiculous plots but interesting, likable characters. Good time pass.

Today on the way to work I got late cause of a procession to freedom park by about a 100 college kids in support of anna. They've got the day off I guess. Irritating shit.

In other news, the new Today is the Day sounds like old Cave In. Steve Austin's mellowed. Who would have thought.

So the fourth test is now over. India lost 4-0. Not since that australian whitewash all those years ago has indian cricket been this pathetic. The team, selectors and the BCCI must share equal blame. The selectors for picking zaheer khan and sehwag and not bothering to send a back up opener, the team for its lazy and arrogant attitude and the BCCI for just being power mad assholes. Sachin's still on 99 hundreds and it looked like the fourth test was a perfect opportunity for him to get to 100 considering the series was lost and there wasn't any pressure but he failed and got out in the 90s after playing very determinedly for a 100. Oh we'll, he'll probably get it in the one day series but I hope he flops there also and comes back from England with nothing to show for. Dravid has been fantastic. His 3rd hundred in the series was beautiful to watch and he's been the only player in the Indian team to actually play test cricket. That number 3 slot is going to be very hard to fill once he retires which might be at the end of this year after Australia. I have a strong feeling we're going to come back from this tour without a single victory and then play the lame ass champions trophy where dhoni can reclaim his captain cool image. I think sachin, dravid and laxman should retire after the Australian tour. From the three only Dravid looks fit enough to play test cricket anyway.

In more news, turns out it's the BCCI that's secretly funding anna's camp. Talk about distracting people from the larger issues.

Some dude's been uploading Indian metal bands on to rockbox. Amidst the gigabytes of trash he also uploaded millennium and 1 concept 2 live. Listening to these tape rips has been a lot of fun. Particularly the self titled album and the live side of 1 concept 2 live. I was at that UVCE show and remember the stampede. Does any local band command that kind of adulation today? I'd really like to know. Anyway, super fun in a nostalgic, good old days kind of way. Unfortunately, the peace just in heaven video doesnt seem to be around on youtube so only be one instead.