Friday, March 25, 2011

India's playing Pakistan in the world cup semi finals. Shades of 1996 all over again. I can't wait. Like the quarters wasn't bad enough, the match threatens to leave a few people with heart attacks. I'm hoping for an India South Africa finals at the Wankhade. These 2 teams have been playing some high quality cricket against each other for the last few months and the World Cup finals with these 2 teams would be killer. Hope and pray.

I'm sitting in airlines and a whole bunch of girls just walked in wearing the same red sari and with 2 dudes who seem to be their care takers. Weird.

In other weird news I've become a lode stone for insects. Yesterday, heading back home from the complex a spider landed on my helmet and held on till I got home. A quite beautiful grey and black spider. Must have had suction caps for feet. Impressive. Now there's a giant red ant crawling over my bag. Must have fallen off a tree but he seems happy.

Airlines has a new kitten. The fellow was scared and nervous last week but now he's wandering around and getting his picture taken like he owns the place.

I have absolutely zero inclination for work today. 0.

Another Englishman has cited depression and family to quit cricket. Quit the world cup on the eve of their quarter final match and go home. What is up with these cry babies? Trescothik comes to mind as the chief sissy but this Yardy fellow's not too far behind.

In other news, Dead Flesh Fashion just released their second album and it owns. As does the new KEN Mode, Blood Ceremony, Decrepitaph and Boris. I'll stop with the name dropping but that Boris is some brilliant pop music.

South Africa lost to New Zealand in the quarters. So much for my hopes and dreams.