Sunday, July 08, 2012

Blaming Jon Nodveidt on a slow motion sunday

I hate working on sundays. Have I mentioned that before? Today just crawled.

Weekend was pretty good. Had a decent jam session and "book of the fallen" seems to be taking shape nicely. Also, there's some classically trained vocalist who might join us next weekend to try out some vocal harmonies for "I, Zombie". Should be interesting.

Been watching Jeeves and Wooster again. Its amazing how good Hugh Laurie is the mostly clueless idle rich bachelor but in terms of acting, Stephen Fry as his know all valet might just be the weak link of this pair. Its still a lot of fun though. The farcical plots, clusterfuck endings and constant bullying by the aunts is all quite amusing.

Planning to watch Farscape next. I used to think  that blue skinned alien was damn hot when I first saw this on TV. Let's see if memory holds true.

Coffee the colour of mud
Will keep me awake tonight
Tomorrow I see another dawn
But tonight I see the sun

I'm really liking all these bands that are using Hindu mythology in their lyrics. I guess it started with Jon Nodveidt and his haunting lyrics on that Kali song but so many bands seem to have taken it as a starting point and really run with it. The new Witchrist is full of it, as is the new Rahu. Both bands also have terrific artwork and Witchrist might be coming at it from a more Thai, Malaysian perspective while Rahu have taken quite an obscure approach to the whole thing. I must get hold of that "The quest for the vajra of shadows" LP. Looks spectacular.

Last weekend, I had a surprise visitor. A friend I hadn't seen in about 5 years and who was angry with me over something I wrote suddenly turned up. Just like that. "Aah, what's happening?" It was strange but I think I've changed a bit since I last saw him. Anyway, was good seeing him but damn I know some real grumpy old men.

This new season of masterchef is killing it. The cooking has been spectacular and I'm hoping for an Andy vs. Wade final although the odds are against them. Also, Marco Pierre White has this incredible presence. Half Sean Connery in The Untouchables and half Danny Trejo. Badass.

Oh, did I mention they turned "epic beard man" into a movie with Danny Trejo? its called "Badass" and its a full on 80s c-grade action film. Trejo can't act to save his life but even at 60 he looks the part. This is one old man you don't want to mess with.

Also saw a whole bunch of horror movies. The Collector was a nasty slasher film but quite well made. The Divide was surprisingly disturbing and although a bit too long, was still pretty good. Monsters had a great premise but didn't really live up to it. The pick of the lot was Juan of the Dead. A Cuban zombie film filled with amoral but likable characters and which somehow ended up as a feel good zom-com. I really liked this one and I'm not very big on zombie films.

There was one more thing I wanted to write about but I'll be fucked if I can remember what right now. Anyway, here's the trailer for Gangs of Wasseypur 2. August 8th can't come soon enough.