Sunday, October 19, 2014

...and then I'll laugh like a motherfucker

A year ago no one even knew there was a Cuppa in front of the petrol bunk. Sundays used to be peaceful and lazy where a cold coffee would take 40 minutes to arrive. Word seems to have spread though. It was full today. Like literally. Loud conversations, cigarette smoke and fried potatoes of various shapes. It was like a cheap local bar minus the booze. I'm not sure if I like it.

I must confess. I spent all of last night listening to these 3 songs on repeat. Lydia Ainsworth's Malachite is some strange experimental pop and its captivating even without the video.  Azealia Banks' 212 was impressive early on with the rapping but when she sang those few lines it became a really memorable piece of pop. Finally I heard Grimes and her Oblivion.Pitchfork is calling this the song of the decade so far. The first time I heard it I thought it was boring. Then last night I found it to be delightful. It made me smile and the video made a big difference. Then this morning I read up on the song and I wish I hadn't. Its a nice bit of off beat pop but will I remember it in another 5 years?

I'm on the verge of something. Soaring. This Herder is so good. Its managed to drown out all the noise outside. Deepawali. I wish you were celebrated differently.

This blog must never die. People stare. I do too. The beautiful people of Bangalore. No concept of space, time or common sense. 

The new season of American Horror Story got off to a pretty good start. After Coven though, I'm watching this mostly for Sarah Paulson. She's quite fabulous. Still Twisty the clown is pretty good and the freaks are just right. Its going to be another season of highly exploitative horror and will offend but I think that's the charm of the whole thing. How far will they go?

Today's been a bit more metal. Herder, Stone and Manilla Road. The original mix of Mystification is raw and manic. Its the only album of theirs I really like though. It has a wild sense of freedom. On the verge of falling down the stairs but managing to hold on. I've suddenly gone back to listening to a fair bit of straight up heavy metal in the last year. Revisiting classics and listening to new stuff. The new Riot is fun but that Mekong Delta album is truly one for the ages. Great album.

Here's 10 songs I'd like to cover.