Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mandates and Coal. Doctors and Dinosaurs.

Been a long time since I came here. So much has happened. So much. I've been published in a newish magazine called 'Mandate'. You can find my article on comic con express in the latest issue. Sandwiched between an Amar Singh interview and an erotic photo spread. Not bad at all. Comic con express sucked a bit though. Crappy Indian comics which may not last beyond the first issue battling for space with DC and Marvel comics that you can find at Landmark, loads of kids in costume and a claustrophobic feel. I spent most of my time there outside.

The time to do a review of GoW has passed. I might be the only person in the world who loved it without reservation. Oh well.

Doctor Who!?

Rant time. New season is sucking ass. Well, not that bad but weak. As usual, episode 1 started with a bang. The Doctor had to break into a Dalek asylum. An asylum for Daleks who were considered too extremely crazy by other Daleks. Just that bit is enough to get me smiling. But it ends with a crazy Dalek helping the Doctor by wiping him off their memory banks. The Doctor goes "I'm the Doctor!" The Daleks go "Doctor.... Who?" Super ending and tied into last seasons tease nicely. Or so I thought. That first episode was followed by Dinosaurs on a Space Ship (self explanatory), A town called mercy (drab western pastiche) and The power of three (great start, weak ending). And now, we're at the halfway mark and its "The Angels take Manhattan" time. The Weeping Angels. Rory and Amy will leave The Doctor. River will turn up again in all her smug glory, the statue of liberty is a weeping angel and I'm still hoping for a surprise or two.

The new Dinosaur Jr. album has been dominating my playlist. Mellow, slightly spaced out and at times beautiful alt rock. This one and the new Torche have been my 2 biggest surprises of the year so far.