Wednesday, February 22, 2012

blog me this and blog me that

Blog me this and blog me that. What's up with all these NWOBHM revival bands? They're alright but kind of pointless.

I saw the Tintin movie last night. I think the best word to describe it is charming. Snowy was awesome and probably the best bit about the movie. The villain was pretty great and overall it was an entertaining movie. I'll watch the sequel if there is one.

Been mostly watching a WWE show called Legends of Wrestling where a bunch of ex wrestlers and management sit around and gossip about various topics. The best stories come from Dusty Rhodes, Michael Hayes and Pat Patterson but the topics are all pretty interesting. Particularly the ones on "Bad asses," "worst characters" and "heatseekers." The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes has the kind of hillbilly accent that I thought was a put on but no, that's actually what he sounds like. Nekkid. It also reminded me of probably the creepiest thing I ever saw on tv as a kid back when WWE was still the WWF. Golddust. When I first saw this promo, I remember being creeped out and very uncomfortable and wondering why Razor didn't beat the shit out of him. Now when I saw it on the Worst Characters discussion, I simply admired Dustin Rhodes' promo skills, McMahon selling his own homophobia and the fantastic job The King does on colour commentary. "Golddust is here, he may be queer. Get used to it."

I also saw Maniac Cop with commentary. Not sure why and its going to take ages to seed this back but it was fun. William Lustig, Phil Cohen and Bruce Campbell on the perils on B movie making. Not as good as Brian Trenchard Smith's commentary on Turkey Shoot but close. For whatever reason, it made me want to watch Bubba Ho Tep again. Maybe over the weekend. I wonder if it ever got a commentary version.

Its become a sort of habit to finish work and head straight to the complex for a coffee before going home. There's an ancient dog here who every evening, just as I sit down also sits down on a bed of dry leaves and naps. Very cute.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

eulogy for the damned

Onto week 3. so far so good. cleared the first hurdle and 2 more to go. Should be okay. I'm steadily getting back into the groove of things.

It's been a dull few weeks apart from work. Feels like whining is such an easy thing to do and I'm trying hard not to fall into that pit. Quitting smoking seems to have failed after a period of success. So much for that.

Not much else to report and now that I have this page open, can't really think of much to write about. So I guess this is it. Till next time etc. etc.