Sunday, August 31, 2014

Where does a body end?

We start recording again this week. Excited. Maybe put down some vocals over the weekend. I Zombie, Hangman's Hope, Bones of My Brothers, Mortal Science, Harvest of Kings and Doombringer.  Doombringer came together very quickly. Maybe a bit too quickly. Feels a little on the short side. It's going to be a long album unless we use mortal science and Harvest separately. Flight of Sand has mostly been discarded now which is a pity. I liked that song. Maybe a couple more will get done too by the time we're finished. Should be fun.

This Ogre is just great. Still on the playlist. It hasn't really changed all that much since March. Thou and Lord Mantis are still firmly on top. Ogre, Greenleaf, Godhunter, Grand Magus, Herder, Ride for Revenge, Howls of Ebb and Mekong Delta round out my top 10. The new Earth sounds great; Godflesh and Witch Mountain are going to have albums out but I don't see anything else breaking into that list.

Listening to The Great Annihilator. It's been a Swans Sunday.