Saturday, May 05, 2012

Our lives are done
Our deeds written
Trapped in these pages
Our blood stains this book

Seek out our story
We are the horde
Abandoned to history
We fell on the sword

These bloodstained pages
Hold our truths
We were not all we could be

These bloodstained pages
Hold our truths
We were simply what we were

Complex Shetty passed away a couple of days ago. I just found out now. Its strange how our families were entangled in ties from Mangalore and then right here. Still, I'll always remember him as a gentleman. Smoking his smalls, getting his waiters to shoo us away during lunch hour and then calling us back once the crowd had thinned and getting Shetty Jr. to kick us all out at 8. "Go home you useless fellows or I'll tell your parents."

Its dry and humid today. The smoke from my cigarette hangs in the air like its deciding which way to go. Kind of trippy and I'd have liked it if it wasn't so hot and insect ridden.

I saw Parinda recently. Its still a good movie but the acting is so 90s it feels dated and a bit campy. Particularly the big dramatic show downs between Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor. Every dialogue is repeated loudly. Kind of an exclamation mark for emphasis but it just feels funny now. Camp. Still, Jackie's entrance has to be one of the coolest Hindi movie scenes ever. A black Padmini, ray bans and that climb up a water tower killing Musa's men one by one. Also, Tom Alter as Musa's pretty fucking cool.

I'm feeling kind of low and dull. Frustrated, irritated, looking for a fight and completely alone. I don't mind the solitude so much but it seems like every emotion I feel is negative. Actually looking forward to work tomorrow.