Monday, April 20, 2015

the night

I fucking hate hospitals. The smell. The uniforms they make you wear. The nurses barging in just as I fall asleep. Although if memory serves, the nurses have gotten cuter. And tinier.

I crashed my motorbike. Or to be more accurate, my motorbike crashed me. Turns out the rear break got stuck on the rear tire, refused to let go till the relationship went sideways and I took a tumble that ended with my knee hitting the road at what was probably not ideal speed for falling down. Look how cool I am. More metal in my body and more lame jokes.

So here I am at 12.20 in the am, being righteous and refusing the sweet dreams injection. Wide awake and sweating for a cigarette after 4 days of not caring. My eyes are burning a little and I can't sleep.

I can't get the sound of the crack out of my head. The pain was crazy. I thought the last time was a breeze cause I couldn't feel a thing as all my nerve endings had been cut. This is Satan laughing and spreading his wings.

I need a shave. Very badly. The cast is a whole new experience too. Oh man, different levels of pain today. Cenobitian. Haha.

I can't put my parents through any more of this crap. They're too old for this, I'm too old for this and its time to ditch this good ship lifestyle.

I was supposed to go on a camping trip this weekend. Imagine if my tire and brake had decided to have their tiff while off roading. Who am I kidding. I would have bailed on the camping trip and sat at home and binge watched daredevil. Motherfucker! I missed Daredevil. Fuck! Anyway, no fb, no internet and no spoilers so far which is good.

Got discharged after 5 days in the hospital. The shit I took after coming back home was truly epic. A week's worth of crap stored away by a body that released everything as soon as I was back in my room and my own loo. My pot looks like a throne. Specially elevated. Being back home is pretty great though. My own bed, easy access to everything and the fucking internet. Finished Daredevil which should be another post but probably won't be. Been listening to music and watching random shit along with the IPL.

Back in the hospital today to get the stitches removed and looks like its going to be a long wait. "The wound is healing but its still pink. We'll remove the staples on Thursday." 
"But Doctor, pink is just the way my skin is."
"Thursday... okay."

Shots from day 3, 4, 6 and 10. This is going to take a long while.  

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