Saturday, April 28, 2012

What the hell man. Its been a terrific year for music so far. So much music that sounds killer and I can't keep up. I still haven't listened to the new napalm. Fucking hell. Ha Ha.

My cousin and nephew visited over the weekend. He's smart and has a predisposition to violence. He pretends to be singham when he's shooting you and chota bheem when he's punching you. He's also smart enough to do a baby voice when he breaks something. He's all of 4 years old and dangerously intelligent.

Six Feet Under sound like they finally eased up on the weed. New album's not bad. A bit boring but better than I remember them being.

The new Torche is magical. Harmonicraft.

No electricity since 2 pm. We've all been slowly cooking for the last 10 hours. Maybe that's the plan. Another day of this heat and our man eating alien creators will be upon us. Their harvest, our flesh. Such is life.

The worst part of the heat is the sweat on your neck. When you're sleeping. Sick and disgusting and wakes me up.

I want to see 21 Jump Street. And the new snow white movie with julia roberts.

Hurtling down through a pitch black tunnel at great speed. The burning man's behind me and the goat waits at the end. In a ganesha like pose. Motherfucker. That was vivid.

So there's a new St. Vitus out. Some 15 years and more since Die Healing. New album has a complicated name that I can't remember but the songs are pretty good. The solos aren't as great as I remember them being though. Also, the album's really short and has 2 pointless instrumentals.

Its so fucking hot today. I mean, seriously. Drained, tired and sweaty faces all around me. Almost like people are isolating themselves. Staying still and quiet and hoping that somehow the heat will pass them by without touching. The weatherman says 2 more days of this and the temperature needs to hit 40 before the rains come. Bangalore's never been this hot. Ever. Terrible shit.

The new Wolfbrigade is finally out on the great net. It seemed like a never ending wait and for once an album I've really been looking forward to has managed to live up to every one of my expectations. Part crusty d-beat, part motorhead worship and some superb slightly black melodic guitar riffs that seem to take their inspiration from Dissection. Damned is awesome.

Now if only I can get a copy of the new Reino Ermitano. 2 days to official release and still no leak dammit.

And it rained. A full day before the weatherman said it would. Its dark, cloudy and windy at 2 in the afternoon. Thank you.

The heart of the lettuce is tender
The flower of the zucchini is bold
The baby turnip sits motionless
Baking in the warmth of your glow