Saturday, June 04, 2016

2016... some of it

Seven Sisters of Sleep - Ezekial's Hags
SSoS straddles an uneasy balance between metal extremity and sludge and fail to do justice to both. Ezekial's Hags is like the easy listening version of Death Mask by Lord Mantis. 

Desaster - The Oath of an Iron Ritual
There's something about the opening riff on the first proper song on this album takes me right back to the band's awesome debut 'A Touch of Medieval Darkness'. It isn't long before the chug chug chug kicks in and ruins what could have been quite good. Desaster's been on auto pilot for a while now. Consistent but apart from a few songs on various albums, also kind of boring. If you've never heard them, then listen to the first 2 albums and the Stormbringer EP. The Oath of an Iron Ritual is a bit dull. 

Lord Vicar - Gates of Flesh
This was such a disappointment. Lord Vicar now sounds like a generic Swedish stoner band. Biggest buzzkill of the year. 
signs of osiris

Metal Church - XI
Very shiny production but I'm enjoying this quite a bit. 

Greenleaf - Rise Above the Meadow
Greenleaf reached their creative apex with 'Nest of Vipers' in 2012 which was a distinctly Swedish take on 70s hard rock. Everything’s been downhill since then. 
tree of life

Phazm - Scornful of Icons
Phazm used to be a fun death n roll band with the occasional doomed out bit. Like stoner death metal. On Scornful of Icons the band's playing some pretty generic blackened death metal. Very disappointing. Should have come back with a different name. 

The Order of Israfel - Red Robes
Red Robes occasionally sounds interesting but is mostly boring.
von sturmer

Voivod - Post Society
Great stuff. Continuing from Target Earth and maybe going one better. One of the highlights of the year.

Bombs of Hades - Death Mask Replica
There's a rock n roll swagger to Death Mask Replica . Enjoyable but i have a feeling it'll also be quite disposable.
to walk through pyres

The Lion's Daughter - Existence is Horror
Sludgy noise rock done really well. This band released an amazing but ignored album called 'The Black Sea' with folk band Indian Blanket which is also worth listening to. Existence is Horror will probably feature highly if I get round to a year end list. 

The Levitation Hex - Cohesion
Another great fucking band that hardly anyone's heard of. Cohesion is maybe a slightly easier listen compared to the debut. Liking this one a lot. 

Hawkwind - The Machine Stops
This is alright. Not exactly a milestone in the band's career. There's a song on this called Solitary Man that annoys the crap out of me.
solitary man

Karma to Burn - Mountain Czar
Much too short. Doesn't last for more than 25 minutes but Mountain Czar rocks like a motherfucker in that time. K2B continue to kick ass. This is straight forward heavy rock and a worthy follow up to 'Arch Stanton'.

Vektor - Terminal Redux
The last 2 Vektor albums have promised plenty. This new one delivers. Absolutely epic thrash metal that has some great playing backed up by great songs. This album is blowing my mind.

Vektor Bandcamp


Unknown said...

Check out angel sword, tarot and lethal steel.

reeferjournal said...

cool. will do.

reeferjournal said...

Heard all 3 back to back which was probably a stupid thing to do. Incredibly boring and dull Iron Maiden/ Judas Priest worship with a worrying pop rock feel at times particularly with Angel Sword and Lethal Steel. What am I missing?

Unknown said...

Can't really say. Angel sword gets better with repeated listening, which is surprising for music that is so stripped down. But i suppose it isn't worth your time if you're not really up for some some very blatant retro HM worship. That pop rock feel is not very unlike Heavy load, no? i absolutely love heavy load. It is very inoffensive but earnest all the same, i feel.

That lethal steel debut is excellent IMO, i love that old gotham city, heavy load sound. Plus it's got that dark HM thing going, think in solitude, Trial. I have a thing for sloppily played HM, maybe i'm just biased that way.

Anonymous said...